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Conversion options for disabled-friendly cars (2024)

Special handlebars

Motorcycle conversions for the disabled


Transfer aid for wheelchair-accessible cars (active drivers)


Wheelchair loading for wheelchair-accessible cars (active and passive drivers)

electric step

Mechanical and electric steps for wheelchair-accessible cars

Manual operation

Car conversion (steering, accelerator, brakes, shifting by hand and foot): Conversion for handicapped accessible cars

steering wheel system

Car conversion (steering wheel systems): Steering wheel conversion for handicapped accessible cars

Combination belt

Posture belt systems and seats for cars converted for the disabled


Transport ramps for wheelchair users in wheelchair-accessible cars

Design without title (1)

Buying a new car: discounts for people with disabilities and a disability card (2024)


Disabled-friendly e-cars 2024


Citroën cars for the disabled (2024)


Disabled-friendly cars from Fiat (2024)

image (1)

Ford: Ford cars for the disabled (2024)


MAN: MAN cars for the disabled (2024)

image (2)

VW Volkswagen: VW cars for the disabled (2024)

Screenshot 2023-12-17 162705

Toyota: Disabled-friendly cars from Toyota (2024)

Screenshot 2023-12-27 114055

Renault: Renault cars for the disabled (2024)

image (3)

Peugeot: Cars for the disabled from Renault (2024)

image (4)

Opel: Disabled-friendly cars from Opel (2024)

image (4)

Nissan: Disabled-friendly cars from Nissan (2024)

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