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"Because everyone has the right to move around independently, freely and flexibly."

Tom Illauer black Disabled driving schools and car conversions

Founder & Managing Director

AutomobilUmbau.de was founded in 2024 by Tom Illauer. As Head of Marketing and Management Consultant at Pflege.de, Head of Marketing at a retirement home provider with 60 locations, consultant to various assistive technology start-ups as well as medical supply stores and home care providers, and Managing Director of one of the top 5 medical supply stores in Germany, Tom knows the needs of paraplegic patients, MS sufferers and people with mobility deficits.


AutomobilUmbau.de is an Orthexo brand and the second start-up by social entrepreneur Tom Illauer. In his first startup Orthexo, Mr. Illauer supports people with disabilities in the procurement of neurological aids such as exoskeletons and employers in equipping their employees with industrial exoskeletons. AutomobilUmbau.de supports people with disabilities in obtaining their driver's license and converting their cars to make them suitable for the disabled. In both start-ups, Mr. Illauer is trying to keep people mobile. All without investors, without funding and completely self-financed.


Previously, Mr. Illauer was head of marketing and eCommerce at Germany's largest medical supply retailer and founded the start-up Orthexo.de. Orthexo.com is the world's leading comparison and referral platform for industrial and medical exoskeletons. The website offers over 170+ exoskeletons and guides in 22 countries / seven languages and has already helped more than 200 patients to receive neurological / industrial care. 


Tom is a graduate banker, graduate business economist, graduate investment banker, domain investor and broker, managing director of a marketing agency active in the market for 72 years, author of three books, podcaster, due diligence marketing expert, holder of the Bafin license according to §25c para. 1 to accept the mandate as a board member of a credit institution and active as an advisor. Here you can find further information on Linkedin.

I handicapped accessible driving schools and car conversion
tom handicapped accessible driving schools and car conversions

Vision, Mission, Milestones

AutomobilUmbau.de aims to become the leading portal for driving licenses and car conversions for people with disabilities. We connect all parties on our platform, advise those seeking information in advance, digitize the process and simplify cost estimates for immediate appointments. This saves time and money. Our portal is free of charge for users. We work together with driving schools, vehicle rebuilders and prominent car brands. 


Our supporters include master orthopaedists, therapists, the Fraunhofer Institute IPA, car manufacturers, medical supply stores, driving school associations and universities. The project is fully self-financed (bootstrapped). The cap table is currently not occupied by PE / VC or strategic investors.

Wednesday, August 31, 2023
Foundation of the AutomobilUmbau.de portal
Wednesday, August 31, 2023
September, 2023
Time to roll up our sleeves! In total, more than 2,500 hours were invested to complete the website. 300 hours for the product (website), thousands of hours of research, rewriting texts, identifying 400 companies on the market, translating, writing guides and much more
September, 2023
01 February 2024
The AutomobilUmbau.de platform sees the light of day and goes live. We receive more than five inquiries on the first day. What a success!
01 February 2024
March 2024
Now the real action starts
AutomobilUmbau.del will be further expanded. We are contacting all driving schools and conversion companies throughout Germany, then Europe, and will then build the best and most complete and up-to-date portal in the world.
March 2024

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"My goal is to build a company the way I would have wanted it myself," says Tom. We demand a lot of performance, but give back all the more for it!


The five mantras:


  1. Employee satisfaction
  2. Customer satisfaction
  3. Growth
  4. Effectiveness / Efficiency
  5. Profitability

We only want the best of the best. That's why our selection process goes through seven steps. 


What awaits you in return?


  • 4 days week (Mon - Thu)
  • Hours per week Full time 35 
  • 35 days vacation for full-time
  • Mondays and Thursdays are home office
  • Summer party
  • Place and time freely selectable
    authoritative part of the decisions (advice & recommendation)
  • Office with table football
  • Free lunch (if PrepMyMeal is wanted).
  • Legendary Mario Cart races during the lunch break
  • Dogs, hamsters and co. allowed in the office
  • Filled fridge with juices, energy sugar free, fruit and much more.
  • Massage free of charge
  • Lunch together with the whole team
  • Beer and Learn monthly
  • Weekly Pizzatable with transparent company figures
  • Inclusion preferred
  • Woman First
  • Participate in profit through virtual shares from 10 years
  • State-of-the-art laptops and 3 screens 
  • 2 desks (home office & office)
  • Walking Pad (treadmill to collect steps at work)
  • Coffee for free
  • Continuing education budget € 1,000 p.a. 
  • Modern office chair
  • Salary fair, transparent and only according to experience (women and men earn the same)
  • Office music
  • Transparency in terms of "what we're working on" and the "numbers"
  • Feedback culture at eye level
  • Monthly Talks
  • Decide with further applications
  • Start your first day with a team breakfast
  • Deep Work Workspaces
  • 10 Finger Writing Course
  • Speech software for fast writing 
  • Parcels delivery service in office
  • Allowance for cleaning lady for home (100 EUR gross)
  • Core working hours 9 am - 3 pm, rest as you like
  • Christmas party with family and friends: You are part of Orthexo.de
  • Participation in Charité actions throughout the team
  • Train ticket subsidy
  • Guaranteed free time on WE
  • Company library with entrepreneur books 
  • Coaching by founders 
  • Salary grows in line with sales and inflation at
  • Birthday and honeymoon vacation
  • Allowance for daycare after 5 years of employment with the company
  • Modern work cell phone


AutomobilUmbau.de wants to leave its mark. Not only as a disrupter in the industry, but also as the most modern employer in Germany, with the highest level of employee satisfaction. 

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